Our beekeeping story starts out like many of your stories. We were tired of the “rat race,” that is, living for the weekends and the two week paid vacations. Our family wanted to be free so that we can make a difference in the world. We also, wanted to create a legacy to pass down to our kids and to the world.


Thus our Journey into Beekeeping Began…

Leaving behind life as we knew it on mainland, we moved to Hawaii. Our family originally came out to this island so that we can help with local church ministries which had needs or building projects.

We quickly discovered the need to support ourselves in ministry and try not to depend on church support, as a result, we started a small handyman business and picked up construction jobs to get by.

After seeing a yard of hives on our friend’s property we discovered beekeeping. The world of beekeeping captivated us. It really sparked our interest on the wonder and complexity of bees, how important they are to the world and how this island is a great environment to raise bees, thus we discovered what we were looking for.

We found that we can produce great quality honey all year and potentially make a living doing so. We love the delicious taste and health benefits of honey. In addition, we love that what we produce locally here can be also enjoyed worldwide.

Our family ventured into the business in 2019 to produce honey at a commercial scale. It feels great to contribute to the healthy and environmentally conscious culture of Hawaii by producing awesome raw local honey here, and also to be a part of the local economy.

Beekeeping is also great because, this business has the potential not just to provide for our family, but also, to fuel our ministry as well. We look forward to seeing this business thrive and hopefully pass knowledge that we learn from this noble trade down to the children and many others world wide!

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