Honey Business Beginnings

Honey Business Beginnings

Living the Dream…

I want to start out by saying we are believers in God our father, Jesus our friend, and Holy Spirit our guide. With that said, everything we do, we do with the power of our beliefs behind us. Just as we felt guided to come to the Island, we also felt guided to start up this honey business with a purpose greater than that of just family income.

We like to dream big, because in our experience, anything is possible with God. Our dream for our Bee Kine honey business is to be able to bless others as we are blessed ourselves. We want to be able to support organizations and churches, fuel projects, and provide jobs for others in the nations. Did I already say we like to dream big??

Our experience with honey and business

David’s background has nothing to do with honey or running a business. He grew up riding and racing mountain bikes, worked at bike shops. He went to school and go an art degree (among others), and got accepted to the San Francisco Academy of Art, upon going there, he realized that was not what he wanted to do. As he got married, he had many random jobs in hopes of supporting his quickly growing family, all the while seeking God to really understand his calling and direction.

I, Margarita have a BA in inter-cultural studies and Biblical studies. My heart was always to travel the world and save the children. I have a passion to help people get whole and healed, in every capacity of their lives. Thus, I have had my own small business here and there in health, in prayer coaching, as well as have been a part of different ministries. All the while trying to gauge my new life together with my husband, and our calling and purpose as a family unit.

About our 10 year anniversary, we heard God say sell everything and go, so we did. We went on a journey completely led by God, sometimes not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring. In short, this journey has led us here, and along the way we have picked up a direction, a similar passion, a common dream.

Though neither of us are experienced, qualified, or business savvy, we know we are exactly where we need to be and are doing exactly what we need to do. In fact, the Bible is FULL of examples of people not qualified or even educated, yet accomplishing world changing things. This gives us hope and excitement for our honey business and lives.

Honey Business Partnership

At this point we are far away from our BIG dream, as we are just starting out, but know that every dollar you spend will not only help us pay our bills, but once we have enough revenue, your dollars will be an investment to help this world become a better place! In other words, the more you invest, in our little honey business, the greater the return you will see once we grow and reach out to the world.

I would like to invite you on this journey with us as we start this honey business. This is an invitation to partner with us, not only help support our family, but be a part of something bigger than us! I ask you to check in and follow our story, to buy our honey and products, and if you share a similar faith to pray for us as we step out in faith with the hope for a greater tomorrow!

If you think, this is absolutely crazy, or you do not agree with our faith or direction or anything I have shared, that’s ok, we love you and bless you. Buy our honey anyway, it still tastes good and with every jar comes a blessing on your life.

Mahalo and Aloha

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